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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring the castle through the house if we have no side gate?

No problem, our smaller castles are fine to go through your house, but larger castles we need at least  4ft required space such as a side or back gate. (you may need help to assist the delivery driver holding doors open lifting up a step etc) please note, As we have to bring the bouncy castle through your house we use a sack barrow and there might be trails of mud, grass or leaves and water if it rains left on your carpet or floor. Please bear this in mind before booking.

What times do you operate?

We can start delivery from 8am and pick items up the latest 9pm 

Can we keep items over night?

Yes you can keep items over night for £20 we will pick up the following day before 12pm

What if we don’t have electric?

If the event is Taking place In a park please make sure you book a generator if booking electrical equipment eg bouncy castle and garden heater 

Do we need to provide an extension cable? 

No we have an extension cable of 25m and 50m for electrical equipment (eg bouncy castle, garden heater candy machine ) if no electricity is availble please make sure to book a generator!

Do you charge delivery?

yes delivery charge is £20 on orders below £100 please read our delivery page for more info!

Can I cancel?

Yes of course, you must cancel at least 48hours before your order otherwise full deposit will not be refunded.

Do you have insurance?

yes we have 1million public liability insurance

Do you charge for lost or damaged goods?

yes any lost or damaged equipment eg party games the full price of item will be collected on top of the hire price. ( so please look after the items!)